100% on-chain Chess CNFTs on the Cardano Blockchain!
Can you beat all 4 difficulties?

Policy ID: 3128846013946d902f500617b5abb187ad05eb70c7cada1e44d49814

Policy locks 2023.06.21
969/1,024 left to mint

- 100% on-chain
- 256 NFTs x 4 difficulties
- Sound FX
- Cool Pixel Art
- Change color you play as
- Track pieces captured
- 4 color schemes
- Automatic lazy-minting

Do not send β‚³ADA from an exchange!
We recommend Eternl Wallet

To mint BEGINNER*: send β‚³25 to the address:


* computer sees 2 moves ahead

To mint INTERMEDIATE**: send β‚³25 to the address:


** computer sees 3 moves ahead

To mint EXPERT***: send β‚³25 to the address:


*** computer sees 4 moves ahead

To mint MASTER****: send β‚³25 to the address:


**** computer sees 5 moves ahead

Twitter DM @0xD9E0
in case of issues.

Chat with other Chess Players
at #β™Ÿ channel of

These NFTS were made in collaboration with using their award winning tiny chess engine code!